Alternative School

Alternative School

Home school is a learning activity, children who performed at home by parents or other adults at home.

Not merely learned, but a systematic and structured learning that refers to a method and curriculum standards. Home school is one alternative model of learning than in schools.

General understanding that education is the process of conscious, organized and directed by parents / family at home or elsewhere, where the learning process takes place in a conducive and pleasant atmosphere with the aim that each child’s unique potential to develop optimally.

There are several reasons why parents choose this system as the children’s learning patterns.

First, parents often moved the workplace because of their profession. School houses do not make the family apart and the kids had a lot of time with his parents.

Second, there are families who feel that their children need more than just academic. Third, keep the faith and religious rituals of children. Fourth, avoid and take care of the school environment as dangerous as drugs, sex or other criminal acts.

And the fifth, improving the family friendliness in the era where more children are educated by their caregivers or other adults or deposited in the school who also serves child care.

Before deciding to place a child for home school, first ask the children whether they are willing or not. The important thing is the parents both agree to try the school home. Children who are willing to try home school will facilitate parent home school run every day.