Moving is a beneficial stress

Moving is a beneficial stress

Desired or forced, moving is always an internal shock. Leaving our native walls, parting with things that witnessed the past, living in a new space – this evokes in us very diverse feelings, from emptiness to joyful inspiration.

We often think that it’s all about the power of habit, which makes it so difficult to part with your home, yard, or neighborhood. However, psychotherapists find it more accurate to talk about attachment. Affection implies safety, reliability, resilience. The house is a habitable, fenced area, it is imbued with our spirit, memories. All this is our history. This is the sink where we hide, feeling safe. Parting with it, we feel very uncomfortable.

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Today it is difficult to imagine a person who would never change a roof over his head. If earlier housing issue forced two or even three generations of a family to coexist together, now young people, barely getting on their feet, strive to live separately, at least in a rented apartment. Marriage, childbirth, career growth, divorce, new marriage – important milestones in the biography are often accompanied by a change of residence.

A change of residence is the end of one life period and the beginning of a new one. This is an opportunity to redefine, update and get rid of excess cargo. We throw away clothes that are in the closet, gifts from former lovers.

This is not always a change for the better. Sometimes a divorce, the loss of a high-paying job, a credit trap can force you to move to a smaller apartment, change the center to a remote area. And this also increases anxiety, our image suffers: since I now live in a cramped and cheap apartment, then my ego seems to decrease. However, any move encourages us to look for our own identity: “Who am I? What am I doing with my life? Am I satisfied?”

This is always a summing up of intermediate results, and it is very important to carefully consider this procedure. Farewell to the old house gives a precious opportunity to take an “inventory” of the events experienced here, to figure out what role we played in them, what we did wrong and what we can change in the future. If you say goodbye honestly, realizing your feelings, then these reflections can become a psychological resource for solving new problems.

It would be nice to say thank you to yourself, others, to the house for all the good that was here. And also talk with your family, check your feelings: what was important to you? How do you remember that? Such a natural boundary allows us to say something important that we don’t discuss in everyday life, and to better understand each other.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels