San Diego State University

San Diego State University

Degrees and Programs

San Diego University awards 84 bachelors degrees , 75 masters degrees and 16 doctoral degrees (Ph.D., Ed.D, and Au.D) and 78 minors in 7 colleges . SDSU has the distinction of being the only California State University campus which offers the largest number of doctoral degrees. With approximately 151 disciplines, the university provides diverse alternatives to the students f rom fine arts and sciences to humanities.

SDSU presents a lot of undergraduate as well as graduate programs to cultivate intellect and creativity in students. With an aim of global perspective education, the university promotes the innovative and investigative faculty of students, to make their career opportunities grow by leaps and bounds.

Sports and Clubs

The major sports which form the pulse of the campus are rowing, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer and ice-hockey. The student clubs on campus include the oldest Rowing Association, Associated Student Body, Debating Club, YWCA and an Alumni Association. The campus library houses countless books, articles, media, journals, research guides, locations and maps.

In 1902, The White and Gold’ magazine and newspaper was started by students’ initiative. A newspaper by the name Normal News Weekly’ started in 1913 which was renamed as Paper Lantern’ and The Aztec’ and the present name The Daily Aztec’ after certain modifications. An annual yearbook titled Del Sudoeste’ is there since 1920s.

Division of Research Affairs

The Division of Research Affairs fosters research activities and management, research assurance, research grants and approvals, sponsored research, regulatory compliance for the advancement of practical knowledge and research education.