Should You Choose Higher Education Or A Full Time Job

Should You Choose Higher Education Or A Full Time Job?

Before you answer the question of whether to choose college or a full time job, think about what you would want to do with your life, long term. Most youngsters will automatically answer higher education to this question due to parental pressure and because all their friends are going to college. However, it is important to remember that your friends are doing it simply because their friends are doing it.

In fact, it is fairly common for those who have spent thousands and thousands on their higher education to later find work that is completely unrelated to their global mba and stick to the same job for years, essentially putting those thousands spent on higher education to waste.

Some students will begin their global mba right after school while their classmates will opt to start working the same year. However, after a number of years when the student has finished his years of education and finally enters the working world he may need to start as a trainee from a lower position because although he has theory knowledge, he will find he lacks experience in the industry only to find that his classmate who opted to start working has now not only risen in ranks but has thousands in his bank account from his years of working while the MBA student is in debt from his many student loans.

Studying the most popular subject

On the other hand, some students who have just left school enter in to a line of study simply because it is the most popular degree at the time as it is being heavily advertised or because everyone else is doing the same degree. They are often shocked to find out that four hard years later, the market is saturated with youngsters qualified in the same line of study and the job market has no more jobs left. Quite often, this will lead to qualified youngsters opting to work at a lower remuneration over being unemployed making jobs in that particular profession valueless.

Therefore it is imperative that you take time off to think about what you want to do in life before you choose a path. Do not blindly follow others down a path you never intended to walk on only to find out you have wasted years of your life. At the age that you leave school, barely an adult with no real responsibilities, you can afford to take a few risks in life, an opportunity you are unlikely to have for many years after.