Your online MBA from an accredited MBA program can help you reach new heights

Your online MBA from an accredited MBA program can help you reach new heights

Now is the perfect time to pursue an online MBA program. The job market is competitive and employers are looking for the most qualified hires. That means people with a higher education often get looked at more carefully, than even someone with more experience. An online MBA program can help you be at the head of the pack instead of lagging behind with the others trying to make it. An online MBA program allows you the opportunity to take all of your classes on the internet and get an MBA degree online, sometimes in less than two years. Online MBA programs differ depending on the school you are attending. For instance some of the online MBA programs offer degrees such as: online MBA program in Accounting, online MBA program in e-business, online MBA program in Global Management.

The MBA degree online is perfect for students who are busy and on the run. With an online MBA program professionals can take their classes from almost anywhere in the world. All that is needed to take the online MBA program classes is a computer and an internet connection.

Different Online MBA Programs

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) develops students for the role managers play in defining business problems, assessing information, considering alternatives, and choosing the best solution. Imagine the manager as the hub of a wheel. From the hub radiate spokes, each representing a specific discipline, such as finance, law, marketing, operations, information systems, etc.
Each of these “spokes” generates inputs for the manager to assess and incorporate into the decision-making process. The manager is a critical user of these inputs in making the decision. Although generally not the original producer of the information, the manager must be able to assess the validity and reliability of the information in building a business case for the decision.

Other Online MBA Programs Available:

Master of Business Administration in Accounting
Master of Business Administration in e-Business
Master of Business Administration in Global Management
Master of Business Administration in Health Care Management
Master of Business Administration in Technology Management
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AIU Online – Online MBA Program

Technology Management (MBA)

The online MBA program in Global Technology Management is a 60 quarter-credit program designed to give students the knowledge, skills, and practical experience-based education necessary to accelerate their careers in the fields of business or management.

AIU Online’s MBA program helps prepare tomorrow’s leaders to succeed in the global marketplace. The program covers major business disciplines from an international perspective, and considers the business and technology issues facing today’s multinational firms. Students will take courses covering:

Project Management
Operations Management
Global Finance
Human Resource Management
Managerial Development
Strategic Management
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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program requires successful completion of 64 credit hours total – 16 courses at four quarter-credit hours each. In addition to successfully completing five management core and five program-specific courses, students must receive credit for six elective courses. The six electives may be selected from the list of remaining courses offered by Keller Graduate School of Management.

Total program length varies depending on the number of courses taken per term. Each term is 10 weeks.

Students wishing to pursue a concentration in any functional area other than general management must successfully complete all required MBA courses, four electives from one specific functional area and two additional elective courses.

Students completing coursework required for a concentration may request, in writing, that the concentration be designated on the academic transcript.